Saturday, May 16, 2015

Gender Reveal Party Decor

Yesterday I shared different gender reveal ideas so today I am going to share different party ideas. I think that this is the perfect excuse to have a fabulous party with lots of fun decor and games for everyone to participate in. I am getting really excited to find out what my future god child will be so this is a great way to use some of that energy!

I really like the idea of wearing something that will show if you are team boy or team girl. I think that the mustache and bow idea is super cute! These would be a little hard to make yourself but the link above is to a super cute etsy shop that makes them for you!

This idea is something you could definitely do yourself. It is also super easy to use and I think you could get almost everyone to use these.

I really love the idea of using different pink and blue candies and snacks. I think this is super cute and would be fun to do a table for everyone to enjoy. This is also pretty easy to DIY, you can just use food coloring for the treats to make them the right color. 


This is a super cute and simple idea that wouldn't be expensive but that would look great. I think this is super fun and a great idea.

I love the idea of having fun punch like this. I think this is super cute and would also be a good way to show if you are team boy or team girl. Plus this is a great way to incorporate pink and blue items in your party.

I think this is a really fun idea also, it would be great to get peoples name ideas. It is also fun to see what people would pick for a boy or girl. I really like the idea of doing this for a gender reveal party and seeing if the couple picks one of these names.

And of course some cute decor for the door is a must.  I really like how they have divided the sign and the use of the banner below the sign. This is super cute and definitely something you could easily replicate.

Which is your favorite gender reveal party idea? What do you think is a must?


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  1. Truly, all these party ideas are awesome and outstanding to have a fabulous party. I like the moustaches and bow idea the most and I am going to use this idea for my next party which is at party venues Houston TX. Greatly appreciate!!