Monday, May 18, 2015

Writing Thank You Cards

Something I have come to appreciate during this wedding adventure is a nice thank you card. I believe that when you get a gift you should always hand write thank you cards to the person who gave you the gift. This is common courtesy and I think that even with the sometimes hundreds of gifts you might get during a wedding you should still write everyone a thank you card.

So today I'm going to share with you a few tips that I learned while writing our thank you cards for all the gifts we received. Some of these can be used for writing any thank you card and some of these are just things I think make it more personal.

1. Try to have all of your thank you cards mailed two weeks after the event. We wrote all of our thank you cards the day after each of our wedding showers. This made it easy to remember what everyone got us and to make the cards more personal.

2. Always mention the gift you received. If it was money we said, "thank you so much for the card and gift" this lets them know that you did receive what they gave you. It also lets people know you looked at all of your gifts.

3. Try to mention how you will use your gift. With cookware I said, "I couldn't wait to use it in our kitchen." I also said about money, "that it will help with all the expenses of moving/the wedding/the honeymoon."

4. Make sure you spell everyone's names correctly, there is nothing worse then getting  a thank you card and having your name spelled wrong.

5. Buy a box of thank you cards at Hobby Lobby or Michael's. This saved me a TON of time, I got 2 boxes of 50 blank cards and the extra's I can use for other things later.

6. If you get a gift from a family, this happened a lot with us. We sent one thank you card to the matriarch of the family. So the parents got the card and we addressed it to the Smith Family. This may not be the  most correct way to do things but it was the simplest especially when we didn't have addresses for everyone.

7. Make sure you express your gratitude but try not to be repetitive. I know this is really hard but I tried to mix up what I said in the cards.

Example: Thank you so much for the crockpot. We really appreciate the gift and look forward to using it in our kitchen making meals together. Thank you so much for the support.

How do you write thank you cards? Do you have a special trick?


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